Work With Us

Services Only

If you are interested in receiving services only, thats easy-peasy – contact us and we will get you scheduled for a free consultation.


If you are interested in being represented by us, we’ll start with a consultation and then we’ll create a plan of action that includes you sharing your art with us and a discussion about whether your needs and our skills are a match.


Monies you pay to us are based on the expertise of the person providing assistance, the time it takes, and the budget/plan we have put in place; we never charge you anything that you don’t agree to in advance.

Monies that come into LIA do more than just pay us. A portion of every fee goes towards developing and delivering programming for marginalized communities and scholarships, providing more access for exploring and participating in art.

Joining the Co-Op

If you are interested in being a part of the co-op, reach out and we’ll start the dialogue about how we can support your specific skills and talents, and how you see yourself helping others develop theirs.