What We Believe

Everyone at LIA – both the people who work for us and the people we represent – believes in the value of the arts as a necessary part of everyday life.

We believe that everyone has creativity inside them, and that when a person has identified the artistic form they want to explore, they become happier and mentally healthier.

We want to reduce the fear of trying new things by creating a safe space where honest feedback can lead to growth, and encourage the openness that art needs to thrive.

How We Got Here

Over the years, our founder had many jobs and experiences in the arts. After working with a variety of marginalized populations (shelters, prison/detention centers, Title I schools, at-risk after school programming, veterans, etc), it became apparent that too many people feel that the arts are outside of their reach – they feel burdened by a lack of academic education, or finances, or simply feel that their art of choice is for others – they don’t see themselves reflected in it.

People said things like “I can’t…” and the question became “Why not?”

We hope that people start believing art is for everyone.